Together we are stronger.
The more we are, the less we pay.

Your training equipment from the best brands at discounted prices.

Welcome to The Box Hub purchasing group, the most innovative way to buy training equipment at the lowest prices on the market.

How does it work?

The purchasing group is a group of consumers who buy a certain type of goods directly from the producer without going through intermediary channels, such as shops or wholesalers who raise the final price of the product.

We negotiate directly with producers or distributors who grant the group a particular price depending on the purchase of a minimum quantity of goods.

The set price is maintained until stocks are exhausted. Then we start all over again with a new quantity of products. For this reason, many products are available only for certain periods.

Discounts range from 5% to 25%, depending on various factors, including availability in stock, quantity purchased and so on.

In this way, the members of the purchasing group can buy even a single piece, benefiting from the collective discount that we at The Box Hub have agreed upon.

How to participate?

The first thing to do to participate is to subscribe to the newsletter which periodically informs the members of the group about the products available, the number of pieces that benefit from the discount, the delivery times and obviously the price including VAT.

If a member wishes to purchase one of the products at the proposed price, he follows the link in the newsletter, chooses the number of pieces and any other available features and makes his reservation as if it were a normal purchase, but without payment at checkout.

Subsequently our staff contacts the member of the group to confirm the order and indicate the payment methods.

Generally the shipment of the products is made by the manufacturer / distributor who, in some cases, can be the direct beneficiary of the payment. In other cases, we collect the payments and pass them on to the manufacturer / distributor.